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Beowulf - with shadow illustrations

A dramatic retelling of the greatest poem in early English -
a hero tale that conjures the feeling and ethos of the dark ages.
Michael's words are close to the original in sound and spirit,
with flashes of old English itself, while key scenes are illustrated by simple but powerful shadow puppets.
Song and sound effects by Wendy are used to enhance these atmospheric shadow pictures and so we present a fresh and unusual version of a powerful tale told by bards to our ancestors in their mead halls long before it was written down in the ninth century.

"a dark but glittering tapestry of powerful words and haunting images"

"...Unforgettable... Imagine yourself at a feast in Hrothgar's great Mead Hall: you could have been entertained there by just such tales and shadows as you will be enchanted today - a thousand years later - by Michael's inimitable thaumaturgy and Wendy's beautiful spell-weaving... Pure magic..."

"I particularly liked the balance between the different elements, the modern and old English, the singing and speaking, the telling and showing. How absolutely right that this story should be heard again. The shadow puppets were exquisite in their delicacy and power."

"Raventales' performance of Beowulf brings to life the storytelling tradition of this ancient and magical tale. It is a far cry from the latest CGI-Hollywood offering and captivated the year 7 audience with it's beauty and magic. A rare treat to witness such authentic storytelling and to hear the Anglo-Saxon roots of the English language."

Beowulf is suitable for adults and children of 9yrs upwards. It requires a good blackout, and is an hour in length.

Excerpts from Beowulf are in our Shadow Theatre film.
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Beowulf show

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