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Here is a small selection from our many shadow shows:

The Little Girl and the Moonman - a haunting tale from the tundra in the early time of Earth. (for 4-7 years & families)

Moonman night

Also The Cat with a Cough, and The Goat in the Little Girl's Garden

'Jorinda and Joringel' - a simple but atmospheric European Wondertale, set in an enchanted forest. 8+ & families

Enchanted Forest

The Little Cattle - a Russian Christmas story 8+ & families

Little cattle

Also The Master Stoorworm - an Orkney monster myth, Alf and the Trolls etc.

"Wendy's shadow puppet illustrations to their stories are very special, creating the world of the story before the eyes of the audience in fragile images which may be delicate, grotesque, or beautiful - sometimes all three at once!"

Teacher to kids: "That was awesome."

Teacher to us: "If they don't take anything away from that, nothing we can do will touch them."

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