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Shadow Puppets (with Wendy, or both of us)

Demonstration, design and making of simple coloured shadow
puppets with scenery and using them in a performance at the end. This oldest and most magical form of puppetry combines science and technology, art, theatre and story. Best for the dark time of the year.

"What is dark but made out of light?"

"A shadow is something we carry inside ourselves and it comes out of our feet."

"I would book again on this course despite having done it once!"

Length of workshop 2hrs, or 4 hrs or longer....
max no 25....age of participants 5-adult, families.

4/5 day residential and weekend courses for adults to make
their own shadow theatres, puppets and shows.

For more see shadow theatre page, and join the mailing list.

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Shadow Puppets workshop

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