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Do watch Raventales Dancing Giants film, made for us by Max Sobol.

25 years of Raventales' Giants

Giantsmith Wendy Dacre has, over the years, made many HUGE constructions - wodwos and wyverns, a dodo that flew, a pair of dragons with 20ft wingspans and a Green Knight that could be beheaded with an axe. Most are now composted - one green giant rots happily in a Bohemian forest. Our tiny Devon cottage does not lend itself to housing giants en masse! Bellever and Albion sleep in body-bags in our bedroom.

Bellever is named after Bellever Tor, a glorious granite outcrop on Dartmoor, and she is a spirit of the wilderness. Her attendants are a black whisht hound and a raven. She first walked at the Hastings Jack-in-the-Green Festival in 1989, and greeted visitors at the launch of the Society for Storytelling - and she still visits many fetes, festivals and schools each summer.

Albion represents the old giants who, in legend, once inhabited these islands. To us he is a guardian of our British oral heritage, and his element is the sea.

Tavy was first seen in unlikely places being pushed by another giant, Wistman, in a giant pram built on the roof of a car, and had a habit of bawling, which sprayed the onlookers. She has since learnt to walk, and is always getting into mischief.

The Ogress Cleaning Lady for the End of Time was a Giant we always wanted to make as it enables Michael to interact with people as a storyteller, since all our other giants have to be mute. The youngest of our Giants, she is proving a great success from festivals to superstores.

Our Dragons began with the idea, given to us by our grandchildren, that people, especially kids, often want to bring Giant puppets to life themselves - and we've now less stamina for gianting than in earlier times! We're now exploring different ways to use the dragons, who, as you might imagine, are ornery beasts!

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