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Or perhaps, to ring the changes, you'd like the 8' high Ogress Cleaning Lady for the End of Time. She has captured and shrunk a storyteller, and put him in a cage which she carries around with her. She is cleaning up the world after the human race has made a mess of it and she's taking specimens, or perhaps preserving our stories. Most recently she has entertained customers and their children at IKEA in London, causing much hilarity and amazement and provoking a variety of curious responses:

"Is that a real man?" " O God it's real!" "Fake." "It works by electricity."
Storyteller: "The Ogress can come and clean up your house. Mind you, she might put your husband in this cage." Answer: "She's got the job. Forget about the cleaning."

"Brilliant. It's amazing how convincing it is. It shouldn't be.(About the English) We're not very good at the grotesque are we? Not openly."

3 heavy-looking skinheads: Storyteller: "Help, I've been imprisoned!" Reply: "I’ve done time too, mate. Are they feeding you OK in there?"

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