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Exploring stories through craft (with Wendy)

For all ages:

Making storysticks, maps, cloths and banners, or masks....


Decorations for tree dressing, well dressing; or green people masks.... All from natural and recycled materials.

Especially for adults: Crafty Storytellers' moots

Low-cost weekends for small groups held in venues suggested by storytellers, sometimes in their own homes, and in fantastic countryside. They include 3 nights accommodation so that we can make the most of time together, and so that public transport travel is easier. We cook together, all meals are included and materials shared and/or provided at cost price.

There is a theme to each one, but within that what you learn and produce is up to your own needs, wishes and inclination.

We do felting, fibre pictures, storycloth making, shadow puppetry, willow construction, and all sorts of yarn crafts and weaving. This is handwork that can inform your own work with story, or be another string to your storytelling bow.

See news for upcoming moots.

Sometimes I run week-long courses which include singing and open evening celebrations - a joint venture with Kathleen van der Weerd.

"Taking the story to craft and craft to the story yields lots of new images and impulses. The time it takes allows for reflection and polishing. You notice things that work and don't work, you get all het up about other people's work as well as your own, you laugh a lot and the amount of beautiful work that comes out of it all is astonishing."

We have a mailing list of courses in England and the Netherlands.

Length of workshop 2hrs, but for giants and dragons 4-8 hrs,
(or up to 5 days!)....max no 25....age of participants 5 - adult. Also weekends, or up to 6 days for groups of 4-12.

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Craft used in storytelling

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